Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Michael + Brionne

When I started arranging this styled photo shoot, I was seriously determined to find even a little bit of fall colors. I didn't expect to find any, especially in Malibu! Still, I took a whole day hiking the trails at Malibu Creek State Park and came to find these beautiful hanging trees and a small forest with yellowing leaves at the end of a winding road. I couldn't believe my eyes! If anyone wants to take a day trip out and see it, you'll find this place at Tapia Co. Park.  Those yellow trees are pretty hidden, mind you, but explore and you will find treasure. ;)

Side note - A huge thanks to all those involved in this shoot. I can't believe we got to use this vintage Coffee and Tea Bicycle, it was amazing - 
Freaking cool, Vintage Coffee and Tea Bicycle: Warblercoffeeroasting.com
Gown by Saldana Vintage
Florist Instagram: Laura_instyleblooms
Makeup by Shannon Hall, IG: Shannonhall_mua

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